WS Final Table Event #19 with Bounties & Patrick Leonard highlights best moments

Players INFO:
● C. Darwin2
Simon Eric Mattsson from Stockholms Lan, Sweden have $7.2m cashes in online,

$1,4m in offline

● T-Macha
Sebastián Von Toperszer from Norway(now UK), have $2,5m cashes in online,

$503k in Live

● _pauL€FauL_
Paul Höfer from Germany, have ~$4,2m cashes in online , and $2,2m cashes in


● pads1161
Patrick Leonard from United Kingdom,have $3,7m cashes in online, $2m cashes in


● quitditbear
Gary Hasson from Belgium, have $1,3m cashes in online

● anti-durrr
Ryan Riess from U.S.A., ~$2,6m online cashes, lost $50k on high stakes , win $11,1m cashes in Live

● Maahone
Player from Sweden, have $400k cashes in online

● flong78
Player from England, have $1,5m cashes in online, cash game player, lost $400k

on high stakes

● shahter98
Player from Russia, have $600k cashes in online

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Sky Roses – People Need You

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ATLYSS – The Awakening

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Nomyn – Ethereal

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Tocaio – Naps

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Aurora B.Polaris – Euphoria

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