Winter Series Final Table Event #10 with Bounties & Simon Mattsson highlights best moments

Players INFO:
C. Drawin2
Simon Mattsson from Sweden, have $7,6m cashes in online, and $1,3m cashes in Live

Player from Austria, have $1,5m cashes in online

Player from Latvia, have ~$1m cashes in online

Luke Reeves from England, have $2m cashes in online, and $100k in Live, win $200k on High Stakes Cash game

Player from Russia, have $1,8m cashes in online

Player from Estonia, have $800k cashes in online, win $100k on High Stakes Cash game

Ramiro Petrone from Argentina, have $3m cashes in online, and $517k cashes in Live

Player from Mexico, have 2,2m cashes in online

Player from Austriaб have $1,9m cashes in online

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Ryan Little – Day 8
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Dyalla – Oh My Life
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Isaac Avila – Timelapse [Divine Release]
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Dyalla – Radio On
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DJ Quads – Behind The Curtains
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Ento – Found You
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Anozira – Krystal Waves
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UberVice – Staring Into The Eye Of Infinity

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Liam.M – Breeze
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